Syria: Why Obama wants to shoot

Barack Obama.

Syria 2013 as the Iraq 2003. ” On May 5, I published an article on with this title. Prophecy by little, that secretary of State John Kerry , however, is in charge of validating today, saying that Assad is just as Saddam Iraq .

Barack Obama.

The turning point in the U.S., that after two years of massacres and 110,000 deaths ( evaluation of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights ) have been suddendly moved by the more than one thousand people have been killed with gas, is a breakthrough for manner of speaking. And the Nobel Prize for Peace Obama is since a long time taking part in the political and religious war to the death that , in the Middle East, divide the Sunnis (very large majority of all Muslims ) from Shia ( about 10% of the total) .

The United States are firmly sided with the Sunnis and the oil monarchies of the Gulf , especially Saudi Arabia and Qatar , which support Sunni propaganda and also the Sunni terrorism , while hosting on their territory important American military installations . That it was a war,  was seen in 2011, when the majority Shiite population of Bahrain began, in the wake of various Arab Spring , to demand more democracy and more civil rights. The response of the Sunni regime was repression , arbitrary arrests , deaths, and at the height of tension, a call to the army of Saudi Arabia, who was happy to intervene. All with the blessing of Washington.
For Syria, the same thing is happening . Assad is a repellent tyrant, but he is no more than many others . For two years, the White House has witnessed the Syrian carnage without flinching ( it is estimated that at least 40,000 civilians have been killed so far ) because he thought that the rebellion was under way to victory , now that Assad seems dull , here’s that Obama has a start of humanitarian interventionism . And the people killed by Assad gas are no more numerous than those killed by car bomb Al Qaeda terrorists wire , so numerous among those fighting Assad.

The real issue at stake , no matter what they think or write or amateur observers deployed from various sources , it is the definitive partition of the Middle East. And the final marginalization of the Shia political framework . The fall of Assad would break the arc that connects precisely through Syria ‘s Alawite regime ( the followers of this religious sect are called Alawi because of their reverence for Ali , son of Muhammad and founder of Shiism in fact ) , Iran of the ayatollahs ( Shiites ) to Lebanon controlled by Hezbollah ( Shiite ) . There is another country that has a Shiite regime , even if the population is more divided , and it is Irak which, incidentally , is battered by attacks by Sunni terrorists that are about to cause a thousand deaths a month.

These are the real reasons for the sudden jolt of good humanitarian – military Obama. The rest, as was precisely in 2003 , is just talk .

Fulvio Scaglione

Mi chiamo Fulvio Scaglione, sono nato nel 1957, sono giornalista professionista dal 1983. Dal 2000 al 2016 sono stato vice-direttore del settimanale "Famiglia Cristiana", di cui nel 2010 ho anche varato l'edizione on-line. Sono stato corrispondente da Mosca, ho seguito la transizione della Russia e delle ex repubbliche sovietiche, poi l'Afghanistan, l'Iraq e i temi del Medio Oriente. Ho pubblicato i seguenti libri: "Bye Bye Baghdad" (Fratelli Frilli Editori, 2003) e "La Russia è tornata" (Boroli Editore, 2005), "I cristiani e il Medio Oriente" (Edizioni San Paolo, 2008), "Il patto con il diavolo" (Rizzoli 2017).

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